Handmade watches in the Seiko presage limited edition

Seiko is one of the most famous watch-making brands. It is Japanese in origin and is famous for its classy watches. Also, another defining feature of the Seiko watches is their price; which ranges from affordable to luxury brand prices. But, the quality of these watches is never compromised. No matter how low the price, it always gives the best quality. This is possible because all the manufacturing of parts is outsourced.

Why it’s popular?

The Seiko presage limited edition is the perfect combination of simplicity and beauty. Watches like these combine the old traditions of Japan with modern beauty concepts. They are more on the dressier side as compared to some of the other lines produced by Seiko. The watch sticks to the traditional Japanese culture. Each best-quality watch in the presage line is hand coated by a master lacquerer using the Urushi lacquer. This lacquer is made from the sap of the Urushi tree. Because of the handmade approach, no two pieces are the same; hence they are a collector’s favorite item to grab.

Fine quality watches in the presage line make use of the shippo enamel which dates back to the 7th-century culture and refers to the seven treasures of Buddhism. A glazing master uses this enamel to create multiple layers over the dial of the watch until a smooth and clear layer is formed which allows the pattern underneath to be revealed. Being hand-glazed, none of the pieces are the same. Hence, this also becomes an excellent item to be in a watch collector’s collection.