iPad Mini WiFi Repair: Tips To Do It By Yourself

ipad mini wifi repair

How do you feel when your iPad mini doesn’t connect to WiFi? Isn’t it irritating? It keeps on loading whenever you try to open a website. You will learn a few points on how to do ipad mini wifi repair yourself.

Tips to repair your WiFi for iPad mini

  1. Turn your WiFi off

Sometimes, a minor software issue can cause disturbance in the WiFi connection. So, turning off the WiFi and then back on can fix the glitch.

  1. Switch off your mini iPad and back on

If the first step doesn’t work, you can try restarting your iPad mini. It might help the device to get the proper WiFi connection.

  1. Restart your router

Don’t forget to turn off the router while restarting your iPad mini. Once you turn on your iPad, restart the router and connect the WiFi to your device. Restarting the router is simple. You only need to unplug it from the switchboard and plug it back in.

  1. Check your iPad mini’s settings

If the problem remains the same, even after trying all the above methods, there must be a glitch occurring in your iPad mini’s settings. So, you need to reset the network settings. It will restore the iPad’s settings, along with the VPN and Bluetooth. After this, make sure to reset your WiFi password and accomplish the Bluetooth connection.

  1. iPad mini backup

If all the methods fail to repair the WiFi connection at home, the last option is to call a professional for its repair. Also, backup your device before letting the professional proceed further because it will be your last chance to protect your data before final restoration.

So, these were some methods you try at home to get the WiFi connection back. But, if nothing works, then it’s better to call for the repairing service.